Host an installation

Do you own a building that would benefit from a solar installation with Moss Community Energy?



Moss Community Energy is currently investigating potential sites to host renewable energy installations in the Salford area. We’re particularly keen to hear from local schools and sites with large unshaded agricultural or industrial roofs that are in good condition.

Cut-price power for you, a better world for everyone

Energy prices continue to soar, so it makes sense to look for cheaper and cleaner electricity options. Moss Community Energy offers sites fantastic savings on carbon-free energy – and you won’t pay a penny for the solar kit!

How it works

→ Moss Community Energy locate a suitable and willing site

→ Local people invest in Moss Community Energy

→ Moss Community Energy lease the rooftop and install solar PV

→ Moss Community Energy sell electricity to the site at a discounted rate

 The site saves money (and the planet!) for decades to come

→ Moss Community Energy pays back local investors

The site wins. The community wins. The planet wins.

Please contact us on if you would like to receive more detailed information about our offer to sites. We are always keen to meet with potential site owners to discuss our offer further, and arrange a technical assessment of the solar potential and on-site electricity usage of potential sites.

Wind and water power

We are also interested in working with sites to install other renewable technologies. If you own a site that may be suitable for wind or hydro, please let us know.