About us

Moss Community Energy aims to install community-owned renewable energy in Salford. This will generate an income, which we’ll use to:

  • raise awareness of energy and climate change
  • work for community benefit and do education work
  • support and empower people in fuel poverty to control energy production and usage

Open to all

Moss Community Energy is a registered Community Benefit Society (BenCom). Membership of Moss Community Energy is open to people throughout Salford and renewable installations will be funded by community share issues, where local people will be invited to invest in the society.

Income raised through the sale of the electricity generated will fund local community projects tackling fuel poverty, energy efficiency and environmental education, and pay dividends to shareholders over a 20 year investment period.

Sparked by the threat of fracking, inspired by the promise of renewables

The threat of fracking on Barton Moss has been an important factor in making us all think about the energy we use and where it comes from – and helped to give us the idea to start Moss Community Energy as a positive way to engage with these issues. But Moss Community Energy is not a protest group, and you don’t need to be anti-fracking or anti-drilling to support the project. We are a pro-community and pro-renewables organisation.

Meet the people involved in Moss Community Energy