Successful share offer

We are delighted to say that Greater Manchester Community Renewables (GMCR) achieved the Optimum Share Offer target of £186,000. Subject to the leases being finalised, installing new renewable energy production will soon progress. Many thanks to everyone who invested and promoted this successful share offer.

GMCR Share offer now at £137,000 – deadline extended until 7th July

Hi everyone,

The GMCR share offer has now raised £137,000, which is brilliant news. They are now just £3,000 short of their minimum target. However, to be able to install panels on Fiddlers Lane, they need to raise another £49,000. The closing date for the share issue has been moved to the 7th July. Please spread the word far and wide. To join the share issue, visit GMCR’s crowdfunder site:

Great progress on the GMCR share issue, but we need to raise more

Hi all,

The GMCR share issue is currently up to £62,650, which is great news. However, we are still hoping to raise £186,000 by the 30th June, so we need to raise more to make sure all of the sites get solar installations. Please send out information to everyone you know. Thanks to everyone who has taken part so far!

Head over to the GMCR website or their crowdfunder to invest.

Join the GMCR share issue to install solar on schools in Irlam

We are pleased to announce that the Greater Manchester Community Renewables (GMCR) share issue is now live. After working with Fiddlers Lane Primary School in Irlam to install solar on their roof, Moss Community Energy decided that it would be best for the school and for potential investors for the site to be part of a larger project.

As such, we have been working with GMCR on their share issue. Money from the share issue will be used to install panels on Fiddlers Lane, along with GMCR’s sites (Irlam Primary School, Primrose Hill Primary School and the Fuse in Partington). After installation, Fiddlers Lane will be transferred to GMCR to be part of their portfolio of sites.

To find out more, visit the GMCR website, or visit their crowdfunder page:


Big announcement – share issue launch and joint working

Moss Community Energy Members signing the cooperation agreement

Hi everyone. We’ve been hard at work and we’re ready to announce that we’re going to be joint working with Greater Manchester Community Renewables (GMCR), another Community Energy Coop working in the Irlam & Cadishead area. Since last autumn we’ve bee in discussions with Fiddlers Lane primary school about installing some panels on their roof. At the same time GMCR have been planning to install panels on Irlam Primary, so we decided that it made sense for both groups to work together. We’re launching the share offer for the joint project will be launched in early May, and holding a public meeting on the 10th May where people can learn more about the project.

“As soon as we started talking to GMCR, we realised that it made a lot of sense for us to work together.” said Sandra Dutson, a founding member of Moss Community Energy. “Having a bigger share issue for more sites will give more security for our members, and it allows us to give a better deal to the schools as well.”

As well as the two schools in Irlam, the share offer will also cover installations at Primrose Hill primary in Ordsall and The Fuse, a community building in Partington. People who invest in the share issue will become members of GMCR by buying shares, and all members will have an equal say in how the coop is run

The public meeting on the 10th May will be held in Hamilton Davies House in Cadishead at 6.30pm. Everyone is welcome, whether they are considering participating in the share issue or not. Refreshments will be provided.

EVENT! Solar Treasure Hunt – 8th September

We’re running a solar treasure hunt!

Using a new app called Look Up we’ll be searching the Cadishead area for solar treasure -aka. roofs that could host solar panels and generate clean green electricity.

These roofs could be on homes, on the highstreet, in a industrial park, a cowshed, a school, sports centre or somewhere else entirely.  When you find a roof that you think would be suitable, Look Up takes you through a few simple steps logging its orientation and any shade around it before connecting with Google Earth and the phone’s camera to  add the roof/solar treasure to a national database.

There’s a mystery prize at the end of the hunt for the person who finds the most solar treasure, aka roof space. The treasure hunt will be part of an open meeting where you can find out more about Moss Community Energy, the people involved and our plans.

Check out our facebook event here –

Come find some treasure with us on….

Tuesday 8th September
6.15pm – 8pm
Hamilton Davies House
117 Liverpool Rd